Materials: 1 Stone, 2 Wood

The bolas is a weapon that is targeted at other players and small dinosaurs. It is essentially a sling that launches rope with rocks for weights and traps a player by wrapping the rope around their legs. After knocking them to the ground and forcing them to a mere crawl the affected player can be dragged freely around the map. Players trapped by a bolas can be placed in the path of angry, aggressive dinosaurs or even dropped into a lake. Usually, when a player traps another using their bolas, they usually drag the victim somewhere in order to build a cage around them. Whether used as a threat to gather information, or simply an amusing way to kill, the bolas is a highly effective non-lethal weapon.

Breaking Free

The only way to break free after being trapped by a bolas is to lie still until the bolas around your legs breaks and full movement is restored.

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