Fast Expertise Guide

Fast Expertise Guide

In order to have any kind of success in The Stomping Ground, tribe or no, you will have to have expertise. Expertise works much like experience does in many other games, where if you do not have enough of it you will not be able to make certain weapons, design certain traps or tame and ride certain dinosaurs. And just like the tried and true experience systems of old, it’s progressively tier based so there is always something to look forward to – but how to get it?

Earning a sufficient amount of expertise will allow you to do many things in The Stomping Land, but it won’t be easy since you lose all your expertise points after death. One of the most interesting mechanics in The Stomping Land is taming and riding dinosaurs. Currently, the most powerful dinosaur you can ride is the Carnotaurus, but that will require a whopping 200 expertise points to do. So let’s dive right in and see the different ways you can ear expertise.

Passive Expertise

This is markedly the easiest way to earn expertise, however it is also one of the slowest. Currently, each player gains 1 expertise point every 30 seconds of play time. This means that you it will take about 25 minutes to tame your first attack dinosaur. Not very fast, sadly. Especially with higher ranked dinosaurs; it would take 1 hour and forty minutes to tame the strongest attacking dinosaur and that’s just not the most people are going to want to play, luckily there are other, faster, ways to build your character.

PVP Expertise

PVP, or player versus player expertise is awarded for defeating an opposing player. This has the most potential for expertise reward since the amount of expertise gain is directly linked to the players expertise level. You will be rewarded with 20 percent of all their expertise gathered during there current life. But remember that you only get these expertise points if your opponent actually dies, if they defeated but are revived by another player or leave the server expertise points will not be rewarded at all. So keep that in mind and go for the kill.

Shrine Expertise Gathering

There are special shrines scattered all over the open island map world which will give you a significant expertise boost when discovered. Often they are secret caves that are rather poorly named as they are really not very hard to find. These special caverns can be identified by the glowing glyphs which can be seen above the entrance way. You will be rewarded with 20 extra expertise points instantly when you discover a shrine.

Another good thing about shrine caves is that they often have very useful items inside, namely, herbs. You will need herbs for a wide array of things but name for reviving allies whom have been defeated by opposing players and for taming dinosaurs. Currently there are very few shrine caves in the map world of Capa Island but this will likely change as the current map is updated, the game is patched and new island maps are introduced.

Remember that this is a survival game, not a beat-um-up. No matter your level, skill is always a factor! So, use your cunning and always have your wits about you if you want to survive the island and it’s toothy inhabitants.

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