Taming Dinosaurs

Taming Dinosaurs

An interesting feature of the Stomping Land is that the player is able to not only slay dinosaurs, but tame them as well. Taming a dinosaur lets the player mount the dinosaur and utilize it’s speed and power to further progress in the game. Things needed to tame a dinosaur In order to tame a dinosaur it must first be dead and then healed by using the “Heal” command. Different dinosaurs are defeated in different ways. It is also possible to tame a dinosaur that died on its own without player interaction. In order to heal a dead dinosaur the player must posses one or more Healing Herbs. These can be found by exploring the caves that are found throughout the game. Another factor that determines whether or not the taming will be successful is the amount of expertise a player has. Expertise is earned in three ways:

  • By playing the game the player automatically gets 1 Expertise point every 30 seconds.
  • By killing another player will bring a reward of 20 percent of the defeated enemy’s Expertise points. exp.
  • By finding a shrine with a Healing Herb which provides the player with 20 Expertise points by standing next to it.

Generally speaking, the stronger and more powerful the dinosaur, the more expertise it will take to tame it. If the player has enough expertise and possesses the right amount of Healing Herbs, the “Heal” command will show up on the screen. After healing the dinosaur the player must then interact with it in order to tame it where after he is able to mount it. Each dinosaur has different advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before choosing which one to tame. For example, most dinosaurs can carry only one player at a time but the Styracosaurus is able to carry three. The very aggressive Carnotaurus, which requires the most Expertise to tame, is a double edged sword as it will defend it’s hunter even if he is knocked off of them. This can be a powerful aid when encountering other hostile players or dinosaurs but the dinosaur will also kill allies, other dinosaurs and even attack entire villages if dismounted near any. As a new player, the best approach to dinosaur taming is to start out with an easy to tame dinosaur. Gallimimus and Stygimoloch are both relatively easy to tame with the help of a shield and do not require much Expertise. These dinosaurs can only be killed with a bow. Other dinosaurs, such as the Styracosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Ankylosaurus, are impossible for a player to take down on his own. It is, however, possible to find an already dead dinosaur to tame. Dinosaurs often get into fights and kill of each other, so searching for a spot on the island with many dinosaurs will increase chances of finding a dead one of the desired species. Dinosaurs are most easily tracked down at night, since each star on the island represents a dinosaur. By searching for stars that are about to collide, or by travelling towards clusters of stars, chances of encountering a dead dinosaur will greatly increase. The characteristics and Expertise required for each dinosaur are as follows:

  • Gallimimus: Requires only 25 Expertise points and is fairly easy to kill. It is an herbivore, travels in packs and is fast.
  • Stygimoloch: This dinosaur is an aggressive carnivore and requires 50 Expertise points to heal. It’s speed is listed as “moderate”.
  • Styracosaurus: An herbivore, this large dinosaur is passive and travels at a moderate speed but is able to carry three players at once in return. It requires 100 Expertise points to tame.
  • Ankylosaurus: Even though it is a herbivore the Ankylosaurus is still very aggressive. A player will need 150 Expertise points to tame it. Like the Stygimoloch it moves at a moderate speed.
  • Carnotaurus: With a requirement of 200 Expertise points, this dinosaur is the hardest one to tame. It is very aggressive and fast and will destroy anything in it’s path if the player is not carefully observing it after dismounting.

Once a player has either killed or located a dead dinosaur and pressed the “Heal” button, he will need to interact with the dinosaur in order to mount it. Once mounted, the dinosaur is moved forward by left-clicking. The more frequently a player left-clicks, the faster the dinosaur will move. A single right-click will cause the dinosaur to stop and a second right-click will dismount the player from the dinosaur. It is possible to change these settings if the player prefers to use other settings. It is worth noting that taming one of the large carnivorous dinosaurs can bring other difficulties than simply having to find one and gain enough experience to tame it. These dinosaurs tend to attract wild carnivorous dinosaurs. As long as the player is mounted on the tamed dinosaur these do not pose a threat. If, however, the dinosaur is not mounted and locked away, or if the player is near allies that are not mounted on a dinosaur, these unwelcome visitors can cause a lot of damage.

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